We create visually distinctive designs which meet unique requirements of all our customers. Each of our home plans are crafted with functionality in mind. The home we design suits your lifestyle.

We follow the following steps to make our clients the co- designers in the design process:

The Preparation

Its good idea is to look at various design magazines and do analysis on internet to shortlist the kind of designs and features you like. This will help decide on “what is in” and “what will you like”. This will help us to hit the ground running.

Visually communicate your ideas

Start collecting pictures from different magazines, clipping, ads and internet. Go visit some websites to get a better feel of what your ideal home will look like.

Do some homework yourself

Evaluate the designs you like. What are some of the positives you would like to reinforce? What are some of the negatives which have to be overcome? What is your family size? Do you like to entertain?

These are some of the questions which will help you to be better prepared.